Black Panther Wakanda Movie Premier Event

The Epic Launch Event Recap

Black Panther Wakanda Forever Private Movie Screening

Black Panther premiered in 2018 and ranks as the 3rd highest-grossing film in the US. The tragic loss of the main character, Chadwick Boseman, in 2020 left fans wondering if the highly anticipated sequel would come to fruition. As time grew near to the premiere date of the sequel, fans from all over chimed in on how to best give tribute to the beloved Chadwick Bosemen. In tribute, fans consented to honor Chadwick Bosemen’s legacy and life by donning white, African, or royal-colored apparel when attending the highly anticipated sequel. Seeing
private screening events for the upcoming sequel in larger cities, Epic Entertainment & Media partnered with local small businesses to provide an EPIC private screening event for Black Panther Wakanda Forever on November 11, 2022, to the Eastern Shore.

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